Southern Flavours in  Hamburg
BIANC: Matteo Ferrantinos new gourmet haven in Hafencity, Hamburg
Southern Flavours in  Hamburg

‘Bianc and Matteo Ferrantino brings a taste of Mediterranean sunshine to the north of Europe’

Southern Flavours in Hamburg

Matteo Ferrantino welcomes you to moments of Mediterranean culinary magic in his new restaurant BIANC

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22 January 2018Print page


ATTEO FERRANTINO opened his new restaurant in HafenCity in Hamburg last November and the space is already about to become THE culinary hotspot in town.

After almost two years of preparations, BIANC now offers a string of Mediterranean delights and sunshine, with the special touch of masterchef Ferrantino and his dedicated crew.

BIANC has been designed by interior architect Julia Erdmann and includes the use of various natural materials from Italy and Matteos hometown Mattinata, such as olive wood, Roman sandstone and tiles.

The restaurant is situated next to the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburgs new and wonderful concert hall.

BIANCis open for dinners from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and with a special lunch menu on Sundays.

For more information and reservations, check out our website: